“Educating a boy is educating an individual whereas educating a girl is educating the whole generation”. This is what we believe in- educating girls, providing them equal opportunities for learning and empower them to become responsible citizens and good human beings. A girl’s education is as important as a boy’s. They are the torch bearers of a successful tomorrow. Our school makes sure we educate girls and make them independent individuals who can bring a positive change in their surroundings. We do not believe in any bias and provide equal opportunities for both boys and girls to learn and excel in life.


We as a faculty have witnessed some extra ordinary changes in the students from when they joined and after they graduated from the school. Fine social and communication skills, table manners, increased confidence; improved dressing sense and better understanding of Islam were evident in our students. It was great to see overwhelming response from the parents who realized the positive changes their children developed. As we worked on their strengths to make them even stronger and weaknesses to overcome them completely, we could see remarkable changes by the time they graduated. It makes us feel proud of our faculty who put in rigorous efforts to bring change in our student’s life. They put strong foundations for a better and open-minded approach in students. Our mission is not only to educate them but also to make them good human beings who take required actions for world peace. Our goal is to make them understand their responsibilities and make informed choices. We see all these abilities being developed and nurtured as the student moves ahead. Its indeed a satisfying experience to achieve the purpose of this school when we see our students doing extremely well in their lives. We feel proud that we could make a difference in their life.