Sanjeev Bhatnagar

Sanjeev Bhatnagar

“It’s great to see how visible and accessible you are around the school. Your nature walk program is amazing, your follow up helps us know our child better. Keep up the great work!”

Piyush Sharma

“Our child comes home every day telling us stories about how fun it is to be in her classroom. Thank you for instilling this love of learning into our child. It has been such a pleasure watching her grow this year.”

Amravati Ramteke

I thank you for your wonderful contribution to our children’s education. We do appreciate all that you have done for the child over the years. You have a great pedagogy and a nice organization.

Sheikh Nawabuddin

Our child’s literacy and numeracy skills have developed considerably while under care of Aziz Public School. Thank you for helping him to develop the skills and confidence that he will carry forward into the next school year.