Failure is not the opposite of success it’s a part of success.

Learning takes many forms at Aziz. The challenge to be ‘the best you can be’ is supported by a holistic approach to learning. The classroom programmes are rich and engaging that allow every student access to an environment where they can participate and excel. Lots of experiential learning, class participation and discussion, learning activities and peer interactions and activities occupy a significant part of child’s learning profile.

We believe that every child is a winner and we ensure that they realize their full potential.

As the Head of the institution, I envisage learning as a natural process, value questions above answers, Creativity above fact, individuality above conformity and excellence above performance. I wish that my learners remain seekers of knowledge and motivated by curiosity and a growing sense of wonder to cultivate healthy attitude and traits in order to blossom in the air of trusted independence.

The school is a stage on which children work through the plot, rehearse their roles, learn the cues and create their ‘ideal selves’ for demonstrating their capability or greatness. It is my dream that the students of AZIZ will come to know themselves as “masters of their own crafts.”

Best wishes
Mr. Sachin Pal Singh (Principal)
Aziz Public School, Indamara