Success is not final failure is not fatal it is the courage to continue that counts

Aziz School Indamara  is committed to offer the very best practices in every aspect of academics to give students sound footing in competitive world. We believe in setting for nothing less than total success and is willing to chase aspirations of students till the point of fulfilment. At Aziz our priority is to make out difference and translate them into tangible benefits for the student’s fraternity.

In order to achieve the prescribed destination, education must have twin paths; one is based on the development of certain knowledge and skill and the other leads to the development of humanist virtue. To live the lines “future begins here “, we ensure  the all-round development of the students and groom them into conscious human being and good citizens, who will one day be agents of social transformation in their work place and make a world a better place to live .

My best wishes
Tanaz Aziz (Manager)
Aziz Public School, Indamara